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Water Extraction

When your building is flooded, water extraction is critical in reducing the amount and the severity of your damage. Any standing water can not only result in permanent damage to your building's structure, but may contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms that pose a threat to your health. At Master Maintenance, we understand the importance of quickly and effectively removing all excess water from your building. By utilizing only state of the art equipment, our experienced technicians provide you with a fast, immediate response to your water damage.

Water Extraction Services

  • Water Extraction Assessment: From burst pipes to natural disasters, when water enters your building it's essential that a professional team properly assess your damage to determine the safest and most effective extraction plan. Within our assessment, we determine the cause and source of your flooding, the scope of the work, and what items are able to be salvaged.
  • Prompt Response Time: With any type of flooding, time is of the essence. To effectively reduce the damage, it's imperative to remove any water as quickly and as safely as possible. With 24 hour services, our teams are available the moment you experience a water extraction emergency.
  • Complete Extraction: Once we have determined the best water extraction plan for your building, our restoration teams get to work removing all water, repairing any damage, and restoring your building.

Using our professional water extraction tools, Master Maintenance can provide complete water removal in order to begin the dryout and repair processes following a flood. Our technicians have experience extracting water in many types of facilities and have the knowledge and the expertise to successfully assess, dry, and mitigate your damage. When you choose Master Maintenance for your water extraction, you can be confident in the same quality assurance that comes with all of our services.

For water extraction services you can trust, call or contact us today to schedule your flood cleanup.